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Missions Conference 2013

Theme2We are looking forward to a great mission conference this year with the Kimmels, Mayners, and Nolans

Mission Conference Schedule:

Friday Night:
Outreach Event
7pm@Howland Tiger Stadium
-come join our misionaries and fellowship as we serve the Howland Band pizza after they perform

10a – ‘Share and Prayer’ + Brunch with Missionaries

6p – Missionary Banquet ‘Chili Cook Off’
-plus Missionary family testimonies and gifts

9:30a -Combined Youth, Adult, College Sunday School –
Kimmels and Mayners present ministry (15 min each)
Kimmels Lesson (20 min)

10:45a – Kimmel Video, Mayner Video, Nolan Preach
Junior Church – Mrs Kimmel

6p – Nolan Present Ministy/Video – 15 min
Mayner Preach – 20 min
Combined Missionary Panel – 20 min
Closing Time of Prayer

Missions Conference Missionary Info:


KimmelsThe Kimmels
Baptist Mid Mission
to Romania





MaynersThe Mayners
Campus Bible Fellowship
to Binghamton, NY






NolansThe Nolans
Baptist Builders Club
and the GARBC Resource Center