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Mission Trip Page

Sample Missions Trip Letter:

instructions: click on link, download letter, make changes to personalize it (don’t copy Pastor Dave!!), get a list of 10 people to have the church send the letter to (do not use church members, we will announce the need for support to them from the pulpit – use friends and family members), turn in letter and 10 addresses to Jen Burman, keep preparing!

PDF: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49639182/Missions%20Trip%20Letter%202013.pdf

Word doc: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49639182/Missions%20Trip%20Letter%202013.docx


List of Requirements


1. Application Form – The application must be completely filled in and include a detailed testimony of your salvation and personal walk with Christ. A non-refundable fee of $10.00 must be turned in with the application. (this fee is to pay for mailings/deposits/etc. concerning the trip)

2. Reference Forms – The teens are to give their forms to two people: one individual from the church and one individual from their school or employer.

3. Walk with God

-Journaled Devotions (through the months of May-Jun)

-Prayer sheet/list/journal (through the months of May-Jun)

4. Attendance and Participation (there are 12 weeks between May and ending the week of  June 30th)

-attendance     -6/9 of SS        -7/9 Sunday morning    -6/9 Sunday night      -6/9 Wednesday night/Youth Group – Consistent attendance will be expected once initial requirements have been met

5. Sermon/lesson Notes          At least 6 sets of notes from Sunday morning and 5 sets of notes from Sunday nights

6. Each young person needs to participate in our church ministries in at a variety different areas

7. Prayer Time– The team of applicants will meet on a weekly basis for a time of prayer and checking up on meeting requirements.

8. Deacon Board – The Deacon Boards of the church will need to approve each team member on an individual basis.

9. Scripture Memory – Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 2:41-47

10. Deputation – The team will be raising support for the entire trip.  $4000 (approximation)
Support will be raised by sending out a letter to family and friends requesting financial support and prayer support. We will help you write this letter. (see above)

Once teens have been approved by First Baptist, turned in all application/questionairre/reference froms, they will be allowed to raise the support.         -Any immediate family is may, but not required to provide support for the trip. Again, this amount of support by the family will not be required. (basically, our prayer is that God will provide the support through friends, family, and church family so that no teen or family will have to pay out of pocket.)

11. Field – We will hold a mini-commissioning service on June 30 for the teens before their departure.The teens will keep a personal spiritual diary on the trip.

12. Reporting – We will be reporting to the church upon return from the trip on July 14.  This reporting evening is required. (see Brad if there are forseen conflicts) This will consist of testimonies from each teen and leader.  Thank you/follow up letters will be sent to each contributor.

July 2-9 (Tuesday to Tuesday)


We will be interacting with Edmondson’s ministry, including Sunday ministry.

(canvassing, July 4th labor and ministry, Sunday ministry, etc)



Some basic standards (from Bill Edmondson)

Dress standard: modesty and dignity.
Personal Preference: When here be fully engaged here. Not consumed with texting friends about other things–engage the city for a few days. Also, keep personal music to yourself (in other words, don’t bring it).

Preparing for Boston

Personal devotions and prayer:

The most important way to prepare for Boston is to prepare spiritually. A daily time in the Word and prayer are essential. I will be sending prayer updates. These would be good areas of prayer. We will be working on the ministry home, and perhaps doing a community project. In addition to these, we will be attending the 4th of July fireworks on the Charles River—all day. Help will be needed hauling stuff down the subway and back. It will be a day of serious fun while making new friends with many international visitors.

Working towards a knowledge base in these areas would be helpful.

Answering the questions,
1 What relationship did the teaching of Jesus have to do with the miraculous works of Jesus (healing, feeding, casting out demons). And does the command of Matt 28:18-20 include this relationship? If so, how?

2 What is the importance of personal relationships to helping people become Christians? What do all human beings share in common/what things do we not share in common, and what does this have do with ministering the gospel?


July 2-9 (Tuesday to Tuesday)