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Fired-Up Friday

Fired UpFriday, November 13th (yes, Friday the 13th…) Firs
t Baptist will be holding its first annual

FIRED-UP FRIDAY NIGHT.  10pm-midnight!

And every High School student student is invited.

What is exactly IS Fired-Up Friday Night?

It is a night where we will test your ability to handle the heat. There is no charge for this event.

Can you handle the heat from ‘Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce’?

All those who are willing to dare…our hot sauce eating competition will make you tear up. (Yes, you will need to sign a little waiver…)

Can you handle the heat of high-stakes competition?

We will be having a rock-paper-scissors competition, with the winner taking home a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse!
We will also be having some other high-stakes games for everybody.

Can you handle some snacks?

We will be serving Chips and Salsa. It will include salsas of all heats and flavors.
We will also be serving Brownies and Wings (from mild to hot…)

Can you handle an INDOOR FIRE?

Yes, an indoor fire…

Can you handle a challenge?

Derek Emerson, the owner of the new Chick-fil-a in Niles/Howland will be challenging and encouraging us concerning who we are, and where we want to go!

We encourage you to consider being a part of a fun-filled, fire-breathing night!

See you there!

First Baptist Church
26 E. Church Street
Niles, OH 44446